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May 9, 1997

Descendants' Sites take 'Net by Storm!

That's right, if you're a descendant of a Civil War soldier, or just an interested history buff, then you may be interested in the surging presense of CW descendants organizations' on the internet. Both the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and the Sons of Confederate Veterans now feature webpages, including sections on points of contact, recent projects of the societies, the missions and histories of both groups, and various links to sub-groups.
These organizations are very active in their respective regions of the country, focusing on helping to preserve their ancestors' heritage, through such activities as memorial services, grave markings, historical presentations, fund-raisers, publications, meetings, public relations, and more.
Their ancestors would indeed be proud of them for devoting this time and energy to memorializing their often brave and selfless sacrifices.
Check these two nicely designed sites out, y'all just might be interested in hitchin' up yerself!

Please keep this page as a bookmark, because it will be contsantly updated with new sites very often.

  • Dixienet.
    This Home Page of The Southern League a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based heritage defense organization; it has a special emphasis on states' rights.
  • Sons of Confederate Veterans
    If you're a--you guessed it--son of a confederate veteran (or a descendant), this is the group for you; they are very active in helping to preserve and defend their ancestry
  • Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
    OK, for all you Yankees out there, we have the SUVCW. This organization is over a hundred years old, and is very involved in honoring their blue-clad forebearers.

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Let me take the time to welcome you to The Mining Company's Civil War site, maintained by your faithful and obedient servant, Joel R. Wuthnow..

I have been the webmaster of The Confederate Network
for one and a half years; over 30,000 interested individuals have paid us a call. I am also webmaster of several organization's sites, such as New Jersey Sons of Union Veterans and The Sons and Daughters of the Pilgrims. Soon, I will become a head moderator of the usenet newsgroup, soc.culture.usa.southern; look for it!
I have been interested in the War Between the States for several years; I am well versed in Civil War genealogy, being a member of both the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (Camp #100, Hightstown, NJ) and the Sons of Confederate Veterans (Camp #1506, Philadelphia).

This site will focus on critiquing the numerous sites on the internet, with emphases on general links pages, University history pages, book pages, heritage sites, reenacting sites, merchants, et al.
Please visit back often, as this page will grow weekly with the addition of new sites to our links section and critiques of other pages.

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