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To: All Sons of Confederate Veterans Members and Local Camps
Re: Home Page Offer for Your Local Camp
From: Joel R. Wuthnow, webmaster of The Confederate Network

Attention Sons of Confederate Veterans:

The most revolutionary and popular form of communication today is the World Wide Web. Everybody from businesses to organizations, to individuals are taking advantage of the internet to promote their causes. Now is the time, Sons of Confederate Veterans, to make a sizable impact on this censorship-free internet by initiating a web site for your local camps. As you may have seen, dozens of local camps and state divisions have made their presence of the World Wide Web, and now, it is time for your local camp to speak up for The Confederate Cause ,on the internet. Speak to your Commanders about this prospect, ask around for anyone with web page design experience, and begin this opportunity. If you need help designing a Camp Home Page, the webmaster of The Confederate Network will be happy to assist. For a complete and well-designed site, hassle-free, the webmaster of the Confederate Network will design your page for a nominal fee. Again, for the benefit of the cause, consider this prospect and please do bring it up at your next Camp meeting. Good Luck and Deo Vindice!

Joel Wuthnow, Webmsater

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